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TSPG to Acquire Shelly North Carolina, Inc., International AI Solutions Provider


MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / January 23, 2023 / TGI Solar Power Group, Inc., (OTC PINK:TSPG) ("TGI"), is today announced the closing of its business combination with Shelly North Carolina, Inc. Shelly AI solutions empower companies to be more responsive, agile, and engaging with their customers, while dominating their markets and surpassing revenue projections. Shelly's strategy is NO SOLIUS (no software, no license, no user fees).

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The two companies will look to finalize the deal as soon as the requisite due diligence reviews have been completed, as part of combination strategy Mr. Val will resign as TGI's Chief Excutive and Mr. Philippe Machuel (, CEO of Shelly, will take over position of CEO of TGI as well as joins the Board of Directors, Sara Machuel is going to be the the head of European Operation in Paris, France and in charge of global business development.

Samuel Epstein, COO of TGI commented: "The synergy created by this merger integrating creativity and technological brilliance will potentially produce explosive earnings and value creation to TGI".

Phillippe Machuel, CEO commented: "The entire SHELLY team is proud to be part of the TGI mission and growth story. We are pleased that our investors overwhelmingly supported the merger with this fast-growing AI NO SOLIUS company and brand with significant upside potential. We carefully selected our strategy of its strong foundation for sustainable growth, its loyal customer base and its management team's relentless focus on execution. We look forward to continuing our partnership as long-term owners and supporters of the Company's mission."

Shelly started in 1999 as a 501C company, located in west part of France, and dedicated to deploy baby steps AI solutions focused on Manufacturers Operations.

In 2000 it became an LLC mainly operating on France domestic market.

In 2002, Shelly solution was deployed in major pharmaceutical company and became a JD Edwards partner for France Market.

In 2003 it became a JD Edwards partner on European market, then in 2004 globally. Together with JDEdwards, Shelly deployed solutions for many Fortune 500 Companies, in Spain, Greece, Slovakia, USA, Quebec, etc.

In 2006 Shelly participated to IBM Partner World platform.

In 2020 Shelly became AVANADE, a global professional services company providing IT consulting and services focused on the Microsoft platform with artificial intelligence, business analytics, cloud, application services, digital transformation, modern workplace, security services, technology and managed services offerings, representative for Israel High tech market.

Shelly AI methodology is a discrete quantity of intelligence proportional to the magnitude of efficiency you need to diffuse within the educated conversation you have with your business.

It is discrete because Shelly AI uses only distinct data that matters.

It is proportional because Shelly AI provide the level of performance that uses the least number of inputs (energy) o achieve the highest amount of output.

It is diffused in your business to proceed from many directions toward the center of your objectives.

The educated conversation with your company sustains the intrinsic brightness of your business.

As part of this reorganization strategy, TGI terminates its agreement with XR-LABS.

The agreement is terminated, neither party will have any liability to the other except with respect to certain provisions of the agreement, such as confidentiality, governing law, interpretative and other provisions that are necessary to maintain the confidentiality of each party's information after agreement is terminated and to maintain the governing terms of the agreement in the event of a post termination dispute regarding the validity of termination itself.

This press release does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy these securities, nor shall there be any sale of these securities in any state in which such offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful prior to registration or qualification under the securities laws of any such state or jurisdiction.

About Shelly North Carolina, Inc. At Shelly, our technology solutions empower you to have an educated conversation with your current workflow processes. Shelly solutions do not REPLACE your current technology…we integrate….and design improved workflows based on what YOU want to accomplish with your operations. There is no new build-up required. No unsettling training curve to navigate. The questions that keep you up at night are turned into targeted, relevant commands for your existing database that give you more control over all aspects of your operations, and even uncover new revenue streams hidden inside the data that's already at your fingertips. It's not just about the software. Shelly's self-evolving and highly-adaptable solutions elevate your enterprise to a constant state of READINESS to address issues today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

About ADVENT GALAXY Inc. and its main product ADVENT EXPO: Expo is going to become a central meeting place and center for important social interactions between people of different backgrounds and age groups. Underlying technology allows for merchants, consumers, and large enterprises to be replaced by a virtual EXPO in the metaverse. EXPO will cater to B2C+B2B+B2E= B2X, or simply stated B2All.

Entertainment zones, meeting and interacting with your friends at a coffee shop in real time is the future. Conducting business in co-working spaces without leaving one's house is the future. A VR/ AR ADVENT™ EXPO is coming soon and will become a reality, thanks to Advent Galaxy.

About TGI Solar: TGI SOLAR POWER GROUP INC. is a diversified holding company. TGI's strategy is to acquire innovative and patented technologies, components, processes, designs, and methods with commercial value that will give competitive market advantage and generate shareholder value.

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Samuel Epstein, COO

Philippe Machuel, CEO

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