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AllStar's (OTC:ALST) Featuring EV Company at "The Sports Metaverse Mega Mall"


MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / January 17, 2023 / AllStar Health Brands Inc (OTCMKTS:ALST) along with TGI Advent Galaxy (OTCMKTS:TSPG) announces a showcase of the first tenant for "The Sports Metaverse Mega Mall", Penerra Inc., ( which will offer a unique line Electric Vehicle(s) (EV) product(s): e-bikes, e-scooters', service utility vehicles, sports coup, sedans and more.

PENERRA a Florida based company, allows the client to design their own vehicle and is the first brand in the US to secure allocation of the world's best wheel hub motors Based in the USA, our technology gives the company tremendous competitive advantage not available in other EV brands such as: highest efficiency on the market based on power to size ratio, highest torque Density ratios higher than any gearless electromagnetic motor on the market.

The Company has been working diligently with ADVENT GALAXY INC., a subsidiary of TSPG in creating the software and parameters of the exciting offering. Revenues are expected to be upwards of $1M annually. "We are very pleased with PENERRA decision on their participation, and we are working hard to bring this to market, enhancing our shareholder's holdings" indicated Pete Wanner, CEO of ALST

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About AllStarHealth Brands Inc.: ALST

AllStarHealth Brands Inc a specialty HealthCare Products Company dedicated to improving health and quality of life by offering select nutritional supplements, over the counter remedies, and medicines all across the Americas and Europe. AllStar's goal is to bring additional products to the market and provide new, innovative options for better health and wellbeing, as well as grow the company through acquisitions, mergers, and joint ventures.

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About XR-LABS: Founded in Miami, FL XR-LABS is a co-created community of professionals and enthusiasts. Who are passionate about building and connecting Global AR/VR/XR Networks, that aim to integrate with other emerging technology. We seek to empower and accelerate Tech Communities and content creators. To both catalyze and inspire Local and global Alliances, our long-term goal is to create Original IP Content and showcase the latest and greatest in the Global XR industry

Starting on 2022 XR Miami Metaverse will be the only Web Dapp Metaverse in the world with multi-chain adoption and NFT Marketplaces for all of Miami real world businesses and places

About ADVENT GALAXY Inc. and its main product ADVENT EXPO: Expo is going to become a central meeting place and center for important social interactions between people of different backgrounds and age groups. Underlying technology allows for merchants, consumers, and large enterprises to be replaced by a virtual EXPO in the metaverse. EXPO will cater to B2C+B2B+B2E= B2X, or simply stated B2All.

Imagine visiting Entertainment zones, meeting and interacting with your friends at a coffee shop in real the future. Conducting business in co-working spaces without leaving one's house is the future.

So get ready!!! VR/ AR ADVENT™ EXPO is coming soon and will become a reality, thanks to Advent Galaxy

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About TGI Solar: TGI SOLAR POWER GROUP INC. is a diversified holding company. TGI's strategy is to acquire innovative and patented technologies, components, processes, designs, and methods with commercial value that will give competitive market advantage and generate shareholder value.

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Peter Wanner, CEO, AllStarHealth Brands, Inc (ALST)
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